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Pashmaloo (Hairy)

Drama, USA/Iran 2011 | 17:00
Ana Lily Amipour director, writer
Girls will be girls on a hillside outing in Northern Tehran. German rap music accompanies Farah’s diatribe on why girls mustn’t be hairy. Berlinale Fest
NW Premiere


Comedy, Sweden 2007 | 4:00
Maria Eng director
Two girls experience a rope-climbing adventure.
Doris Films, a female filmmaking cooperative.
US Premiere

Good Luck Mr. Gorski

Comedy, USA 2011 | 15:00
Arron Shiver director, Allegra Huston writer/producer
According to a Neil Armstrong urban legend, Mrs. Gorski promised her husband something, only, “When that Armstrong kid walks on the moon!”
NW Premiere

La Permera Vez (The First Time)

Comedy, Spain 2001 | 11:00
Borja Cobeaga director
An elderly woman hires a young male prostitute to satisfy her curiosity.
US Premiere



Comedy, USA 2011 | 11:40
Luke Knecht director, Latesha Miller producer
A daughter-in-law plots revenge after her mother-in-law makes her birthday a living hell.
Local Sightings

Olympia Story

Narrative, USA 2011 | 11:00
Kanako Pooknyw director
A mother, feeling invisible and alone, attempts to help a young stranger.
World Premiere

A Piece of Summer

Documentary, Poland 2010 | 23:02
Marta Minorowicz director
A grandfather and grandson reach a tender understanding in the last days of summer vacation.
Grand Prix, Best International Short Film, Clermont-Ferrand Filmfest
NW Premiere

The Winter Boy

Drama, New Zealand 2011 | 8:00
A mother tries to comfort her grieving son, but his silence becomes deafening.
NW Premiere

Que Divertido (This is Fun!)

Narrative, Spain 2010 | 10:25
Director Natalia Mateo
A father, a son …and a bull.
Milano Film Festival Student Jury Award
NW Premiere

2:05 INTERMISSION (Need a late lunch? 20 min.)


Night at the Dance (Noc na Tanečku)

Documentary, USA 2011 | 13:00
Annie Silverstein, director
Elderly Texans gather to polka at the last social hotspot in Seaton, Texas: population 60.
Seattle Premiere

The Contract

Documentary, Sweden 2011 | 23:00
Astrid Askberger director
To ensure eternal love, Edda and Mattias decided to stay married just 5 years, then separate while they’re still madly in love.
Dramatiska Institutet Stockholm
US Premiere


The Scarf

Animation, USA 2010 | 3:20
Carla Veldman director
A little boy finds it hard to communicate with his grandma who is experiencing the onset of Alzheimer’s.
Seattle Premiere

Springtime Melody

Drama, Sweden 2008 | 10:00
Aase Hogfeldt director
After receiving a medical diagnosis, a woman reflects on the now, not a tomorrow that may never be.
US Premiere

The Sea is All I Know

Drama, USA 2011 | 29:00
Jordan Bayne director, writer; starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Peter Gerety (Bluebloods, The Wire)
An estranged couple faces spiritual and emotional crisis with the impending death of their daughter.
Palm Springs, RIFF Grand Prize - Best Actress
NW Premiere

Something Special

Drama, USA 2011 | 3:00
Kristi Simkins, director
A war veteran explores the magnificent wilderness, fulfilling his buddy’s last wish.
SIFF, Palm Springs



The Show

Narrative, USA 2011 | 8:50
Cynthia Graner director, writer, producer
After 25 years, Charlie faces going on stage alone when his comedy partner announces he's no longer performing.
NY Metropolitan Film Festival Best Narrative Short
NW Premiere


Drama, Canada 2009 | 23:37
Anna Sikorski director, writer
Alice wakes up naked by a pond and cannot remember how she got there. Heading home she is haunted by memories and questions what is real.
NW Premiere

Love, Partition

Drama, Hong Kong 2009 | 14:00
Tong Hoi Ka director, writer, her first film
He was 15 when he met Her; 22 when he fell in love; 34 when he lost Her; at 64, he cannot forget Her. A record of love partitioned by location and time.
NW Premiere



Stanley Pickle

Animation, UK 2011 | 11:00
Vicky Mather director
Stanley’s life runs like clockwork, until one day.
Outstanding Achievement, Cannes; Best Animation Chicago International Film Festival; STIFF


Narrative, Uganda/Netherlands/China 2011 | 16:20
Caroline Kamya director, producer, writer
A fairy tale sends a 9 yr-old boy on a voyage of discovery seeking answers to six of life’s important questions.
NW Premiere

Zebu and the Photo Fish

Comedy, Uganda/Kenya 2011 | 12:00
Zipporah Nyaruri director
To save his family, a young boy beats a businessman at his own game.
US Premiere

The Queen

Comedy, USA 2009 | 8:00
Christina Choe director, writer
After hours in his parent’s drycleaners, a young man's prom fantasy comes true when the prom queen shows up with her boyfriend.
Aspen, Telluride, SIFF



Content may not be suitable for all audiences

One Night

Drama, USA 2010 | 10:00
Laura Jean Cronin director
An awkward young woman finds herself in a steamy pickup scene. What follows is a recipe with tragic consequences.
SIFF, Fullframe

Howard From Ohio

Drama, USA 2011 | 8:00
SJ Chiro director, producer, screenwriter
An online flirtation becomes a one-night stand. In a cold, sexually raw world, Kelly has an epiphany that shakes her to the core.
SIFF Special Jury Prize


Drama, USA 2011 | 14:42 David Preston director, Jen Page, screenwriter
A man wakes up behind the wheel of a car, with a gun, no memory - and he has a woman in his trunk.
Coffee N Donuts, producers
World Premiere

Tapat Sa Pangako (Committed)

Drama, USA 2012 | 8:50
Ronald Lagman director
A woman’s story about choices, devotion, and commitment.
World Premiere



Comedy, USA 2009 | 7:00
Grant Barbeito, director Gayla Kraetsch Hartsough writer, producer
In a garage somewhere in America, two mechanics have a short conversation about the state of things.
Ladies Kick Butt Festival Audience Award, Palm Springs, LA Shorts, Sedona, Tribeca
Seattle Premiere

Lunch in Lima 1952

Drama, USA 2011 | 5:00
Gail Gilbert director, writer
As told to the filmmaker by her mother: an elegant ladies lunch reveals the dark side of privilege with no conscience. “The Help” in Peru?
West Coast Premiere

Yelp: with Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”

Documentary, USA 2011 | 3:00
Tiffany Shlain director, Peter Coyote narrates.
Sophocles said, “Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse.” This is certainly true of technology.
Seattle Premiere

Gandhi at the Bat

Mocumentary, USA 2006 | 10:45
Stephanie Argy and Alec Boehm directors
Based on Chet Williamson’s short story about Monades K. Gandhi’s 1933 trip to the US, kept top secret by FDR.
Hollywood Shorts Best Comedy, Eastman Kodak Award
Seattle Premiere

Declaration of Interdependence

Experimental, USA 2011 | 4:15
Tiffany Shlain director
A global manifesto.
Seattle Premiere

7:00 THE LAST PICTURE SHOW (closing film)

Focus Woman

Drama, USA 2011 | 8:06
Kanako Pooknyw director
Independent Art House, independent woman.
Seattle Premiere


The winner of the PAFF 2012 Audience Award is Reversal

The Jury Awards for PAFF 2012 :

Best Drama: The Sea is All I Know

Best Foreign Language Film: Pashmaloo (Hairy)

Best Foreign Language Comedy: Que Divertido (This is Fun)